Trigun Maximum Vol. 4 Bottom of the Dark
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Trigun Maximum Vol. 4 Bottom of the Dark
Type: Anime Book, Graphic Novel, Manga
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So, you thought since Vash and Wofwood survived the battle with Hoppered the Gauntlet and Leonoff the Puppet Master, maybe they'd get some peace, have a little rest? You thought wrong. There are more Gung Ho Guns where those other oddballs came from, and you can bet those coming are just as strange as those who came before. Meet Midvalley the Hornfreak, a man who carries a saxophone and plays some really "killer" tunes. And then there's Zazie the Beast, a cute little fellow, but he's got something up his sleeve, or tucked into his eyelid (and it's probably got wings and multiple legs.) Sound interesting? It is. Trigun Maximum marches into more crazy battles, full of gunfire and humanity and frantic energy, a freaky mixture of pain, comedy, and mystery. Never a moment of rest for Vash the Stampede, a man whose body contains a planet-destroying gun, and whose credo is "Peace and Love!"

Released By: Dark Horse Comics
Genre: Science Fiction/Action
Story & Art By: Yasuhiro Nightow
Format: Book
Text: English
Rating: 13+

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