Trigun Maximum Vol. 11 Zero Hour
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Trigun Maximum Vol. 11 Zero Hour
Type: Anime Book, Graphic Novel, Manga
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Humanity on a distant, sandy planet is mere days from extinction. And yet there remains a spark of hope. Vash the Humanoid Typhoon, an unlikely hero with unusual powers, might be the only one to stop his "brother," Knives from destroying humanity--though fleet of advanced human spaceships have finally come back to rescue their long-lost brethren. But can Knives destroy even them? These are the last days for someone. Maybe millions of someones. It's the final showdown in a fight to the death, and it might take a few ragtag hearts full of love to emerge victorious.

Released By: Dark Horse Comics
Genre: Science Fiction/Action
Story & Art By: Yasuhiro Nightow
Format: Book
Text: English
Rating: 13+

Trigun DVD's also available.

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